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How to get my investor statements?
How to get my investor statements?

The investor statement is a usufull document for your accounting, tax reporting and record keeping operations

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An investor statement serves several important purposes:

  1. Tax Reporting: Investor statements often include information relevant to tax reporting purposes, which can be used for reporting to tax authorities or providing to your accountant, family office, or fiscal counsel.

  2. Legal and Compliance Requirements: Financial institutions and investment firms often require investor statements from clients to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  3. Record-Keeping: Investor statements serve as a record of your investment in an SPV, which can be useful for future reference or audit purposes. They provide proof of transactions related to your investments.

You can find your investor statement in the 'Documents' section of your deal, where key information about your investment will be available, including:

  • Target and SPV details

  • Amount invested

  • Number and nature of shares held in the SPV

  • Your percentage of ownership held in the SPV.

You can find your investor statement in the "Documents" section of your deal.

Deals > Deal name > Documents


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