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Does Roundtable accept US Investors?
Does Roundtable accept US Investors?


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In most cases, the SPV set up with Roundtable can accept US investors, as long as (i) each individual investor’s holding in the SPV remains below 10% and (ii) the US investor does not require specific reporting from Roundtable.

However, investing in a non-US SPV as a US investor can represent a significant administrative burden for the investor. The tax consequences should be assessed individually before making the investment. This is true irrespective of who sets up the SPV and applies in principle for all non-US SPV.

Indeed, it is likely that any non-US SPV will qualify as a Passive Foreign Investment Company (”PFIC”) under US tax law. US investors who are shareholders of a PFIC are generally required to file US Form 8621 for each tax year. This is the sole responsibility of the investor.

In addition, US law provides for deterrent tax treatments when investments are made through a PFIC, which can potentially diminish your return. Certain elections (e.g. Qualifying Electing Fund) can be made by the investor but Roundtable is not able to assist with this.

You should always consult your tax advisor prior to making an investment in a non-US SPV.

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