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Fund Administration and Operational Considerations
What specific fund administration services does Roundtable provide?
What specific fund administration services does Roundtable provide?
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Roundtable’s fund administration services encompass a wide range of activities, throughout the lifecycle of the fund, as further detailed below (although non-exhaustive):

Pre-Launch phase

  • Fund documentation: providing our template fund documentation, including the LPA, the Deal Sourcer Agreement (the contract between you and the fund) and the subscription agreements

  • Legal structuring: setting up the legal structure of the fund, including domiciling the fund, registering it with the Trade and Commerce Registry and with the regulator.

  • Service providers selection: Roundtable has selected and negociated best rates with quality and secure service providers such as the bank and the auditor of the fund.

Launch phase

  • Investor onboarding: handling the due diligence and AML checks on the investors;

  • Subscription processing: issuing the individualised subscription agreement;

  • Initial closing: collecting the capital calls of all initial investors.

Investment and operation phase

  • Regular capital calls (up to four a year): handling the capital calls required during the life of the fund;

  • Fund accounting and valuation : performing fund accounting tasks, including calculating net asset values (NAVs) and ensuring compliance with relevant accounting and valuation standards (Lux GAAP and IPEV valuation guidelines);

  • Transaction administration: processing and recording the fund's investment transactions, as well as investor transactions such as subscriptions and transfers

  • Regulatory reporting: ensuring that the fund is in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, performing tasks like compliance monitoring, regulatory filings, and compliance training

  • Tax reporting: preparing financial statements, preparing annual account for the fund, individual investor statement,

Liquidation phase

  • Upon expiry of the fund, Roundtable takes care of the fund’s liquidation.

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