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What is the Roundtable standard fund structure?
What is the Roundtable standard fund structure?
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The Roundtable’s fund will be established as a Luxembourg special limited partnership (SCSp). The SCSp is a tax-transparent vehicle under Luxembourg tax law, meaning it is not subject to corporate income tax, municipal business tax, or net worth tax.

Luxembourg special limited partnerships have gained significant global recognition in the fund industry due to their flexibility, transparency, and favorable tax treatment. They are widely used in the structuring of private equity and venture capital funds, and offer investors limited liability and pass-through tax treatment. The structure also allows for a high degree of customization to meet specific investor needs and preferences.

The fund will further qualify as a EuVECA fund which has the following characteristics:

  • it benefits from a EU label ;

  • it is the one of the only funds in the European Union that can be marketed to professional and non professional investors (with a minimum ticket of 100.000 euros) throughout the EU, without having to obtain separate authorizations from each individual EU member state;

  • it must invest at least 70% of its commitments in startups, early-stage companies, and other small businesses (less than 499 employees at the time of the first investment) located in the EU or in a jurisdiction which participates to the exchange of fiscal information with Luxembourg, irrespective of the sector involved;

  • it is audited by an external auditor, which provides more transparency and security to the limited partners.

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