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How can I share a deal with my community?
How can I share a deal with my community?

Share a deal with all your community members or to selected members only, directly by email or through a shareable link.

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After setting up your community, you can easily share your deal flow with your community members.

ℹ️ Community members will not automatically have access to the deals share within your community. You need to invite them manually for each deal.

Step 1 - Create a new deal

Create a new deal directly from your community page:

Step 2 - Share it with your community

Once your deal has been approved by Roundtable, you can share it with:

  • all your community

  • or to selected members only

Directly by email

  1. Select "Invite"

  2. Then "Share with community"

  3. You will be able to select specific investors or select all members

  4. Send invites

Through a shareable link

ℹ️ People who join a community deal through a shareable link will automatically be added to your community.

  1. Select "Invite"

  2. Then "Get shareable link"

  3. Update the sharing settings:

    1. Only people invited: deal page not accessible without invitation

    2. Request access: anyone can request access to the deal

    3. Anyone with the link: anyone can access the deal page
      ⚠️ be careful, deals can only be shared with 149 people max.

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