You can set-up different policy levels when sharing a deal with a link:

  • "Invitation only" deactivates the invitation link, this is the default mode

  • "Request access" requires members to log in to Roundtable, then request access to you to see deal information. This enables you to review who accesses your deal.

  • "Open" allows anyone to log in to their Roundtable account or create one, then see your deal's information. You will still be able to know who accessed the deal.

Changing the policy level impacts previously sent deals, provided they haven't been used.

For instance, if:

  1. You change the deal sharing policy to open,

  2. You then send two invites to Alice and Bob

  3. Alice connects to the deal

  4. You finally change the deal sharing policy to "Invitation only"


  • Alice, who connected to the deal while it was open, will still have access to it

  • Bob, who never connected to the deal, will not be able to use the link you previously sent.

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