In Moderation:

  • After you have created a deal, it starts by being moderated by the Roundtable team.

    • If this is your first deal, we will connect with you over the phone to discuss your project, and explain the overall Roundtable process.

    • If this is not your first deal, we will take up to 1 day to review your deal and allow you to share it.

  • Only the Roundtable team can move a deal from "In Moderation" to "Open"


  • After your deal has been reviewed, it moves to the "Open" stage, where you can:

    • Share the deal with co-investors

    • Track & edit commitments

    • Update the deal description, upload documents, etc.

  • Once you have received all commitments, you can move the deal to the "Contracting" stage.


  • In the contracting phase, the Roundtable team will create the SPV, generate legal documentation, collect signatures from all co-investors, and collect funds.

  • As a Lead Business Angel, you will sign documents on behalf of the SPV to invest in the target.

  • After the investment has been made in the target, the Roundtable team changes the deal status to "Completed"


  • The investment has been made in the target, no action is required from you or your co-investors.


  • You can cancel the deal when in the "In moderation" or "Open" stages, by clicking on the 3 dots button, then "Cancel deal".

  • In this case, your deal status will change to "Canceled", and all members invited to the deal will be notified.

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