How can I create a deal?

Process to create a deal

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To create a deal, you should:

  • first click on "Deals" in the left menu bar,

  • then click on "Create deal" in the top right corner, or alternatively on "Create my first deal" if this is the first time you're creating a deal

  • then fill in the deal creation form, which will require you to provide information on:

    • the deal: target company, round, allocation, closing date, etc.

    • the financing instrument for the investment: e.g. equity, SAFE, convertible note, etc.

    • details on the financing instrument: e.g. valuation for equity rounds, discount & valuation cap for SAFE, etc.

    • financial conditions to your co-investors: carried interest, entry fees

    • your investment

Once you have filled in the deal creation form, you will see your new deal page.

You can write a deal description by clicking on "Add description". We recommend you load our description template.

After creating the deal, the Roundtable team will verify it before allowing you to share it, to ensure that it conforms with our terms of service.

  • if this is your first deal, we will connect with you over the phone to discuss your project, and explain the overall Roundtable process.

  • if this is not your first deal, we will take up to 1 day to review your deal and allow you to share it.

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