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What are all the steps to invest in a deal with Roundtable?
What are all the steps to invest in a deal with Roundtable?

All steps involved from your commitment to your investment

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  1. Commit to the deal on the platform

    On the deal page, you can enter the amount that you wish to invest in the deal.

    It will be reviewed by the deal lead, who can modify it or reject it, for instance, if the deal is oversubscribed.

  2. Do your KYC / KYB

    If this is the first time you're investing with Roundtable, we will need to verify your identity. To understand why, click here.

    You will need to run your KYC. You can learn more about it here.

    If you invested with a holding, we will also need to do its KYB. You can learn more about it here.

  3. Sign documents

    Once all investors have committed and have their KYC approved, the deal lead can close the deal, and incorporate the SPV.

    We will then ask you to sign the following documents:

    1. Subscription bulletin - Summarizing how much you're investing in the SPV and where to wire the funds

    2. Shareholders' agreement - The contract between all SPV's shareholders

    3. Bylaws - The SPV's incorporation document

  4. Wire funds to Roundtable

    After signing your documentation, you can wire the funds to Roundtable. All information will be available on your subscription bulletin.

    After this step, you don't have anything else to do.

  5. SPV registration by Roundtable

    Once all investors have signed their documentation and wired funds, Roundtable registers the SPV.

  6. SPV wires funds to the target

    Once the SPV is incorporated, it wires the funds to the target company.

  7. Receive all investment documentation

    Once the deal is completed, Roundtable will send you all documents related to your investment.

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