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How do I perform my KYC check?
How do I perform my KYC check?

Know Your Customer

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KYC means Know Your Customer.

It is a required verification of your identity that we have to perform before allowing you to invest.

You can perform your KYC check from the Settings > ID Verification section:

From there, you will be redirected to a dedicated flow, hosted by our partner Dotfile:

You will need the following documents:

  • Government-issued ID

  • Proof of address, like:

    • a less than 3-month-old utility bill,

    • a less than 3-month-old bank statement,

    • a less than 3-month-old administration document (e.g. tax report)

  • Proof of fund provenance. Depending on your origin of funds, this can be:

    • Professional income: last pay slip

    • Sale of property: notarial act

    • Sale of securities: sale contract, securities transaction agreement

    • Inheritance / Donation: notarial act, inheritance / donation act

All information collected is strictly confidential, only used for Anti-Money Laundering purposes, and is never shared with other Roundtable members.

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