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What is a public community?
What is a public community?

Public communities

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On Roundtable, a public community is an investment community that is freely visible to all Roundtable members.

Anyone with a Roundtable account can apply to a Roundtable community, and the community admins can decide who to accept, in order to share deals with them.

Launch a public community

New communities

  • Create a community following this link

  • At the last step, "Confidentiality settings", upgrade for a public community

  • Our team will get back to you to complete the onboarding process!

Existing communities

  • From your community page, select "Upgrade to a public community"

  • Send your application through Intercom

  • Our team will get back to you to complete the onboarding process!

Apply to a public community

  • Go to "Communities > Public communities" following this link

  • Browse public communities and select the ones you're interested in

  • Apply and get notified by email when your application has been approved by the community admins!


  • Creating a public community is totally free

  • Then, fees can be applied depending on where a member comes from:

    • Direct invitation by email or shareable link ➡️ free

    • Discovered the community through public application ➡️ 5% of carried interests will be collected by Roundtable on their following investments

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