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What are Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)?
What are Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)?

PEP scope and definition

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Politically Exposed Persons are individuals who exercise or have exercised a prominent public function. PEP carry a higher risk regarding their positions that can be used for the purpose of illegal activities such as financial crimes.

  • Government officials

    • Heads of state

    • Legislation, administration, military, judiciary executives

    • Member of a national government or European Commission

    • Parliamentarian

  • Senior executives

    • Board members or directors in international or state-owned firms

    • Executives of an international organization

  • Political party officials

    • Senior officials

Immediate family members and close associates of a PEP are also considered Politically Exposed Persons.

Politically exposed persons can invest through Roundtable, but are subject to additional AML/CFT due diligence.

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